Abstract. BNBC was first drafted in but not formally reviewed and updated. In the. Building Construction Act was amended to include a new section 18 . BNBC / Welcome to Bangladesh National Building Code We appreciate your feedback/comments on any part of draft BNBC. Please send your . 18 Dec Download Bangladesh National Building Code ,BNBC BNBC Bangladesh National Building Code(BNBC) is one of the best.

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Bangladesh National Building Code-2015

Mohammad Abu Sadeque P Eng. Part 2 Administration and Enforcement 2. Finished ground level of a plot. But every Building Official will be in charge of an independent and well demarcated area. For land development purposes the following laws shall also be applicable: Such person Bangladesh National Building Code In case of any violation of the Code the licensed professionals who shall certify will be liable for action through professional bodies.

The Building Official may designate an employee or employees who shall carry out the specified duty and exercise the specified power of the Building Official. The clear head room between the finished floor surface and the finished ceiling surface or the underside of the joists or beams, whichever is lower.

Moreover some guidelines for harvesting, storage and distribution of of these have been elaborated to accommodate the rainwater. Bangladesh National Building Code In the In order to regulate the technical details of building Building Construction Act was amended to include a new construction and to maintain the standard of construction Section 18A empowering the Government to promulgate the Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC was first the Building Code as a legally binding document.

The former is for design and detailing are provided.

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Same as Building Official. Among the members there will be one civil engineer as specified in Sec 2. To keep pace with the changed drafted in In scope wider, up to date and user friendly. In no case shall the Building Official or any of his employees be liable for costs in any legal action, suit, or defense proceedings that may be filed in pursuance of the provisions of the Code.

The employees of the Building Official shall be adequately qualified to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them by the Building Official. Abdul Jabber Khan Professor Dept. The Steel Concrete by designers and professionals involved in building composite structures are expected to be widely used in the construction.

It was a page detailed document Since its publication, BNBC has been referred to and specifying safe and acceptable practices in all aspects of consulted by the professionals and designers in the field of building design and construction.


Part 1 Scope and Definition. In the Building code each of the above legal framework through enactment of Building aspects is addressed adequately by professionals Construction Act All devices, equipment and safeguards installed as per the requirements of this Code shall be maintained in conformity with the edition of the Code under which installed.

All works involving addition to, alteration or change of use of any building or structure shall conform to the requirements set forth in Part 9 of this Code. A thoroughfare or public way which has been dedicated or deeded to the public for public use. Also known as PLOT.

Bangladesh National Building Code: BNBC /

Shahjahan Buildiing Department of Environment iv. The covered area of a building shall exclude gardens, wells, cornice, sunshade, pergola, DRAINAGE septic tank, soak well, unpaved uncovered water body, fountains, drainage structures, ENGINEER boundary wall, gates, porch, uncovered staircase, watchman’s cabin, detached pump house, garbage chutes and other uncovered utility structures. OWNER OF A The person, organization or agency at whose expenses the building is constructed and who BUILDING has the legal right over the land on which it is constructed or one who has the right to transfer the same and includes his bilding her heirs, assignees and legal representatives, and a mortgagee in possession.

The expressed intent of this Code is to ensure public safety, health and general welfare insofar as they are affected by the construction, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, use or occupancy of buildings, structures or premises, through structural strength, stability, means of egress, safety bangladesn fire and other hazards, sanitation, light and ventilation.

By the power given by the Act, the specializing in the relevant disciplines to ensure safety and Government of Bangladesh has promulgated regulations comfort of the users of the buildings. Words not explicitly defined shall have their ordinarily accepted meanings as the context implies as provided in The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, Simpson, J. The use of well designed In general up to date information and standards are and economic bamboo structures is expected to be included in the updated Code in a way which is practicable attractive to the rural people.

Kalshi, Mirpur Section 12, P. Researchers, engineers and academics publication. When there is insufficient evidence of compliance with the provisions of this Code, a Building Official shall have the authority to require test as evidence of compliance to be made at no expense to the office of the Building Officials.

Zebun Nasreen Ahmed Arch. If entry into the building or premises is refused or the owner of the unoccupied building or premises cannot be located, the Building Official shall secure entry bbnc provided by the law.


Such approval shall not be interpreted to authorize any bangladehs to do anything in contravention of or against the terms of lease or titles of the land or against any other regulations, bylaws or ordinance operating on the site of the work or any of the provisions of this Code.

To enhance readability, Depletion of energy resources and environmental changes many figures of the previous version of the code have been is a major concern worldwide.

In case of any conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall be applicable. The following works are exempted from the requirement of a permit unless they do not otherwise violate the provisions of this Code, for the said work or any other adjacent property, regarding general building requirements, structural stability and fire safety requirements of this Code: The Authority may fix and re-fix from time to time application fees for issuance of permits for all works under the provisions of this Code.

Each committee will have specific Terms of Reference and Work Procedure. The drawings shall have any of the sizes specified in the Table 2. The policy makers, practice covering all aspects of planning, design and therefore felt the urgency of updating the BNBC to construction of buildings, including the service facilities make its contents time worthy and also to bring it under provided in them such as electrical, mechanical, sanitary strict legal coverage to make its provisions binding to all and other services, be followed to ensure safety, involved in the planning, design, construction and use.

All reports of inspection shall be in writing and certified by the Building Official or the licensed engineer or the architect making the inspection. In case of any conflict or contradiction between a definition given in this Part and that in any other part, chapter or section, the meaning provided in that part, chapter or section shall govern for the interpretation of the provisions of that particular part, chapter or section.

The drawings shall also contain the signature, name and address of the owner.

Granting of permission for any work or approval of plans or inspection by the Building Official or any of the deputies shall not relieve the owner from such responsibility.