Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and Posy love their quiet. Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and. #78 Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild () 25 points. This is another book that is practically perfect in every way. I love the detailed back story.

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I think streatfeilc is my favorite Shoes book because I identify so strongly with Rachel; plus, the characterization in this one is absolutely fantastic. There are worrisome moments, yes, plenty, but there’s never quite the feeling of concern that things Will Go Wrong. In my 20’s, I strdatfeild struck by how selfish Posy was about her art.

It’s really a lovely book, with strong, sensible characters. Mrs Winters was a good villain, and had an interesting backstory.

Ballet Shoes | Open Library

She’s also generous in giving Rachel and Hilary a home with no expenses spared. Sara tried to read this and found it a bit dull. With Pauline despondent after being chastened about her preening, a ballet teacher relates an anecdote of how she learned humility, and gives Pauline a simple truth to keep in mind: Each girl works hard following her dream.

It was her first book for children, and was illustrated by the author’s sister, Ruth Gervis. You’ll come across them when you read the book yourself, lucky reader. The writing was charming and I can see why it is a children’s classic. For any little shooes who has dreamed of ditching “regular” school and being taught at home, or going to a different kind of school.

London, England United Kingdom. Streatfeile the self-sacrificing was In Dancing Shoes two sisters, having lost both of their parents, must go live with a previously unknown uncle.


Not only is Mrs Winters a mean person who cares only for her selfish daugher Dulcie, they’re doing the wrong sort of dancing! Makes you believe the world is jolly good at that, old chum. Nov 23, Minutes Middle Grade Ballet Shoes has twice been adapted for the screen, both by the BBC:. But I do understand that children might really not find that very interesting.

I probably would of loved it as a girl. But as an adult, I don’t know that I could decide. Pauline turns out to have a flair for acting, and Posy turns out to be a ballerina of rare genius. I was soon absorbed into this charming story of three adopted sisters in the ‘s. Now what could be better than this?

Although she was considered the plain one she ended up leading the most glamorous and exciting life! Ballet Shoes is a storehouse of rewarding characters, none more so than gruff, businesslike Nana, whose actions never fail to betray her devotion to the girls when her words refuse to follow suit.

Dancing Shoes

Dec 08, Audra rated it it was amazing. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. They were very poor and Hilary had ballet talent so their mother’s dying wish was that Rachel should make sure Hilary keeps working at her stretfeild. And Posy, the precocious, hilarious baby dancer. Classic, Christmas, talent, family, dance. Maybe someone could let me know. And he never goes to see Dulcie’s performances; instead, he wanders off to paint by himself. Through this, Pauline learns enough humility to balance her talent, and goes on to play many successful lead parts.

Dancing Shoes (Shoes, #9) by Noel Streatfeild

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And it has this kick-ass thread of girl-power throughout, a discreet hint of feminism that makes you root for Petrova. And Petrova streeatfeild incredibly clever, although she was interested in cars and engines instead of performing arts.


I think what made this book so attractive to me was the girls themselves. And plucky British orphans. The first time I had heard of this book was in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. If it has something to do with children’s literature, it will rate a mention here.

Top 100 Children’s Novels #78: Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

Two of the boarders, Doctor Smith and Doctor Jakes, take over the education of the children much to the relief of Sylvia, who had been teaching them herself when she could no longer afford to send them to school.

The vocabulary was more advanced than many adult books of today. It was charming and a pleasant surprise. They are a nice easy read.

Like the best children’s stories, even though i Ballet Shoes dtreatfeild one of those books I wish I’d been able to read as a child. Last edited by ImportBot. Is a good book for a 11 year old. With girls to look after and money running scarce, the newly named Fossil sisters, Sylvia and Nanny have to look into alternative strategies for funding.

But it is a purely subjective view, because I’m very sensitive towards films like this Each girl must find the courage to follow her dream. She could still favor Dulcie and not want anyone to steal her spotlight without being cruel, especially to Rachel.