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1 Jan Buy ASTM D TEST METHOD FOR COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AND ELASTIC MODULI OF INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. 5 Aug UNCONFINED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH of INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. ASTM D Method C SOP S CLIENT: CLIENT. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic if the difference in elastic moduli in two orthogonal directions is greater than

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The standard assay for unconfined compression rock cores is suggested by the ASTM D and ISRM Blue Bookwithin which the rock cores must meet a strict relationship which specifies the height of the cylinder should be between 2 to 2.

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For proper analysis of the results must be, therefore, initially debug data considering the particular points described above where the normal value of the magnitude of the effort, which in theory should be of similar magnitude to the maximum stress applied is exceeded. One of the tests applied in this regard is xstm so-called indirect tensile test or Brazilian developed in the mid-twentieth century.

Laboratory Tests on Rock – List of Tests – Tonon USA

To achieve the above objectives proposed, jaw model containment and a method to characterize the specimens of materials through the application of unconfined compression disc-shaped samples and subjected to loads distributed diametrically developed. This document addresses a way to estimate theoretically a different compression resistance property. Estimating the transversely isotropic elastic intact rock properties for in situ stress measurement data reduction: These recovered specimens are subjected to various laboratory tests with the aim of finding the mechanical properties of the material and make integral part of the development of a civil work.

Kind code of ref document: All technical and scientific terms used herein have the same meaning as commonly understood by those skilled in the art. By definition the tensile strength is obtained by testing direct uniaxial tension, but this trial has certain degree of difficulty in its implementation, thereby determining the indirect traction is more practical operational issues and cost, it is one of the most simple tests in rock mechanics, the diametral fracture that occurs in the specimen is produced by the load applied in a given range ISRM, There is a clear effect on the stress d70122 to within the disk by varying the length of the arcs of contact of the applied load; with respect to this point it was determined that variation in the range of 7.


The patent US presents a method for calculating the total stress overload, the vertical effective r7012, pore pressure and the horizontal effective stress through log data during drilling. The document WO proposes an improved determines more accurately pore pressure of sedimentary rock penetrated by a borehole from the surface art.

Standards – APS – Wille Geotechnik

The invention may be practiced in real time by using measurement techniques while drilling or after drilling by using the recorded data or measurement data polling openhole.

It is considered not necessary to extend this description for an expert in the matter to understand the scope and advantages of the invention.

Shear banding in drained and undrained triaxial tests on a saturated sandstone: The flange 27 is arranged to engage the jaws confining compression system. Field of the Invention The present invention is applicable within the field of geotechnical and more specifically in the analysis of samples of rock materials for exploration geomechanical characterization also can expand its application to the field of strength of materials. Country of ref document: To perform the test, the sample material 15 is held by an upper support 16 and a lower 17 which are connected with the rollers 1 1 of the compression system.


This service is not available if you are a URL user where you do not log in with an email address. Also comprises a reading system using a strain gage 13 to read the frameshift during diametral compression test.

ASTM D4555:10

The proposed method measures the force and displacement that occur when testing a rock sample, the relationship between the two force-displacement records can provide estimates of the value of compressive strength of the material.

This invention also provides the connection method.

The system for the compression test 10 comprises a compression cylinder 1: In the prior art they have proposed various methods and equipment for the mechanical characteristics of rock materials. Also, the document WO teaches a method for the selection of drilling parameters for drilling a well through subsurface rock formations.

A device for determining the resistance to unconfined compressive rock samples or d701 materials disc shaped and subjected to diametral load according to claim 1 wherein the reading system can be traditional or digital needle.

With the above configuration, compression in the sample, which may lead to fracture of the sample is obtained. The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, aatm appendixes are published, you will be alerted by email.

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Therefore, the developed jaws comprise the following characteristics: The application of strength and deformation index testing to the stability assessment of coal measures excavations. Under this premise, we have developed multiple characterization tests of materials for various industries such as the construction industry and in the case of rock mechanics to develop rapid, simple tests to perform and inexpensive that allow knowing the resistor intact rock.

For a complete test asstm, must follow the deformation of the fins of the containment clamp