31 Jul Part 1: Subfile Foundations: (July ) Complete understanding of any subject begins with a starting point to build upon. Laying the. 31 Jul The following is an RPG subfile example with a selection option. This example loads the entire subfile at one time. How can I display two subfiles on same pages in RPG programming with sample program to display the AS/ exceeding records in load all subfile?.

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AS/ Subfile Programming Part II: Basic Coding | RPG | Programming

Request the name to start with. Creating the subfile record When you press Enter a new record appears.

If F3 is pressed on the very first screen, we really don’t want to do anything else. We set the clear as00 on and set off the indicators for both the subfile and the subfile control format. Paper and labor costs associated with report generation can spiral out of control. Add advance warning of potential threats and—abracadabra!

AS/ Chapter 9: Subfiles

Still following manual processes for extracting and transferring data across platforms? This ensures that the page last loaded or processed is redisplayed.

The user can then branch to an inquiry program for customer details by selecting a customer from the list.

We need to display a message in the subfile display screen. Our next article examines more of the subtleties of subfile processing, as well as some of the more exotic keywords and techniques. Replace the entire LOAD subroutine with the code in 6b. How can I display two subfiles on same pages in RPG programming with sample program to display the screens at the same time? IBM i may be running your core business applications or it may be hosting your website or running Domino. The thought of printing, distributing, and storing iSeries reports manually may reduce you to tears.


The subfile as it exists after the statements were added from 6a contains no code to limit the number of pages a user can load. And the subfile with menu options like option 5 to display the spool file and option 2 to send the spool files to a MarkMagic is the only document design and print solution that combines report writing, WYSIWYG label and forms design, and conditional printing in one integrated product.

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From generating to collating to printing to routing to signing, manual processes and paper slow down your organization—and your delivery times. The expert panel will provide industry insight and comments about the results.

Request the online license agreement and product download instructions today! Creating the subfile control This field subdiles a subfile control record, which works like the heading on the list. Business Intelligence is Changing: We could write this program entirely in- line, but the subroutines allow us to focus on each section of code a bit more easily.

The loop is modified to do just one page worth rather than continuing until the subfile is full. Adding the selected fields to the record The final result: Controls clearing the records currently in the subfile.

This is true across all industries for businesses large and small. Whatever its function within your enterprise IBM aas400 has remained unaffected by virus and malware attacks. Now when the indicator is on error messsage is not displayed on subfile. Or if you could stop replicating data a4s00 start processing orders faster? Watch this webinar to learn the details about how to develop the seven habits that are part of daily life for secure organizations. If we use SDA when defining a subfile, it prompts for the control format name and places the records in the right order in the DDS source.


The key is not to get into a rut of coding all subfiles one way. You can trust it to run your business, access your data in real-time, and keep your data secure.

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Display wubfiles list of hits back to the user. For this program to function, the following things must happen order of function execution is not a concern at this point:. Learn how to combine automation software and IBM i to increase revenue and enhance customer experiences.

This load-all style can be quite appropriate for a production environment, depending on the application.

To make the manipulation of several tables easier, we’ll create a view with the fields we’ll use on the subfile. Our experts will show you how Robot Monitor can help you pinpoint exactly when your auxiliary subfiiles starts to disappear and why, so you can start taking a proactive approach to disk monitoring and analysis.

Expanding Subfile Let’s take a look at the changes that would be involved if instead we wrote an expanding subfile. Is performance the most critical factor? Figure 3 page subriles shows the changes necessary to make the DDS in Figure 2 work as an expanding subfile-replace the entire highlighted section.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use both Profound UI and Profound. Watch subfile on-demand webinar and learn how to rapidly and easily deploy mobile apps to your organization — even when working with legacy RPG code!

Columns description Let’s add some proprieties to the Client ID field.