In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window from you flash application with fscommand. Here’s my AS3 code and it DOES CALL THE function and a trace: Code: function launch(event:MouseEvent):void { fscommand(“exec”. as3/tamarin/as3_src/avmglue/classes/ Fetching contributors The Original Code is [Open Source Virtual Machine.]. *. * The Initial Developer.

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Flash Projector have limited rights to user computers and files. Do I have to drop the fscommand folder inside the start. Any helpful hints would be most appreciated. Will this work using AS3?

Sign up using Facebook. The last restriction doesn’t really concern us, but if you’re trying to test your EXEC calls, being aware of it will save you some frustration.

actionscript 3 – Opening external exe file via fscommand – Stack Overflow

Here’s how I have the files set up on the CD: All times are GMT Some MAC machines not opening the documents. I hope you understand to me. Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation. I didn’t get it at all. Do you know of any way to do this on a PC?


However I found that answer and now I am not sure I can open a flash exe by another flash exe. The PDF file must be open in a separate, stand alone, not inside the flash or internet explorer.

Conquering FSCommand EXEC

Hi Northcode – I feel like I am close to this working. Ting March 15, at Love like you’ve never been hurt, live like there’s no tomorrow and dance like nobody’s watching.

Is it a way to fscomand the pdf without a button, just after an animation instead? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Nothing happens when i click the button.

And this is fscmmand code; private function Fnc e: This worked fine when I had the buttons on the stage and fscom,and this[event. You are a master! If the specified file is not found in the fscommand folder, it won’t run. One solution to get around the limitations of the EXEC fscommand is to create one exectuable file for each file that you want to open, but what can you do if you don’t know how to make EXE files?

  BTA08-600C EBOOK

Alex Leiva August 16, at Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Definitely worth a read. Publish the Flash Document in Windows Projector. But it works, probably wrong syntax of giving folder path. ArticlesTip and Tutor 38 Comments.

How To Open PDF File From Flash using Fscommand | Artfans Design

I have a question: The EXEC fscommand could be used to launch a helper application, fscmomand unfortunately the EXEC fscommand doesn’t allow you to pass parameters to external applications so you have no way to tell the outside world which file you want to open. When your swf2exe tool just HAS to work there’s only one choice I actually remember this ope from a while back.

Thanks again for putting this out there.

Place your PDF document called file1.