We now proceed to the Samudrika-lakshana or chiromantic signs, good and bad, . It is laid down in the Shastras (scriptures) that the wise should never, under. Aug 8, Thread: ANGA LAKSHANA – Judging a Girl from her Features & Looks! . Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as. Mar 1, Samudrik Shastra: What Your Physical Appearance Says of Your ling’, Angalakshan describes very long penis will bring poor finances and.

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Flat nose denotes slavery; too small or too large a nose indicates quarrelsome nature.

ANGA LAKSHANA – Judging a Girl from her Features & Looks !

Then calm n peaceful married life. Small, bony, bent, and hairy, ones are sign of misfortune. It is also has a key mention in the ancient Shatra text, the Garuda Purana.

Double or hairy chin is unlucky. Several literatures from the medieval times have mentions of face reading analysis that are traced back to Hindu scriptures. If the skin appears to be even, smooth, without harsh hair, then these are the signs of a girl destined to enjoy life fully.

But yes some features can be noticed, we can be easily deceived though. What man in his senses can believe in the “seduction” of a married woman? Unravel the mystery Let us find out, what different physical features in a woman tell her about their true self. When a man has allowed himself to be carried away captive of desire, he must consult a physician, and the books of medicine which treat upon the subject.

Shruti SrivastavaApr 20, Phrenologists thus claimed they could predict behaviour by taking various measurements of a person’s head.


A woman with three to five lines shastrq quite academically intelligent and brings honor to her family. Navel Deep, with right turn is auspicious.

Samudrika Shastra- A woman’s face hold the secrets of her life

The length of a man’s and woman’s life, and the marks which denote it, must first be treated of, because it is useless to see auspicious details if death may shortly be expected.

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Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. And, if he comes to the conclusion that unless he enjoy his neighbour’s wife he will surely die, he should, for the sake of preserving his life, possess her once and once only.

Fourth, the mother of many children. Loose knees indicate poverty, and bony knees without flesh connote loose character.

Samudria Soft, smooth, long, gradually thinning out sxmudrika hairless fingers are on fortunate hands.

If they are high, it means she will have loose character and long heels hints as misery. A bump here might indicate kindness. He has an extraordinarily wide face, although it’s not easy to tell how much of the width is natural and how much is scar tissue. Fragments of it pop up in other cultures as well.

The king no sooner saw her than he fell in love with agna, thinking day and night of nothing but possessing her, till at last, succeeding in his project, both spent a long time in the pleasures of carnal connection.

Detailed maps of the head purported to show which was where. Nothing can be more ridiculous than to see the angz and turbaned Turk blushing, “boggling,” and looking silly as he is being inspected by a pair of bold feminine eyes.


A woman who has five lines formed on her forehead, when she squinches her head lives shsatra long healthy life.

And are they very beautiful? Here we discuss some of the signs which are believed to be auspicious and unlucky for the fairer sex.

Samudrika Shastra

The man whose Linga is thin and lean, will be very lucky; and the man whose Linga is short, will be a Rajah. Thirdly, when she scratches divers limbs without sufficient reason. Eighth, in the evening time; and ninth, when wearied with warfare.

Eighth, the wife of a cruel and wicked man. Where only lucky indications are given, any indications other than that given is unlucky. Sign In to earn Badges. We seldom meet in society with the reverse case, for ridicule always shastrra to a man’s marrying a woman whose age greatly exceeds his own. Lips Upper Red, slightly raised in the middle, smooth without hair, is very auspicious.

Yet the few instances which appear justify our belief that there is something the reverse of hygienic in the practice.

Phrenologists then made their syastra by measuring people’s heads, often with elaborate mechanical calipers, as a kind of personality test. Bent or bony denotes bad luck. Fifteenth, a woman fit to be called “Mistress Grandmother”.