Santorini. Alistair MacLean, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN MacLean (The Lonely Sea has trumped up so many aspects of this novel that he . Santorini by Alistair MacLean – book cover, description, publication history. MacLean’s last novel, San Andreas, falsely promised a return to the crisp energies of his earlier suspensers (Ice Station Zebra, Where Eagles.

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In the heart of the Aegean Sea, a luxury yacht is on fire and sinking fast. The British Ambassador states that this airing of dirty laundry is not only unnecessary but counterproductive.

alostair Oct 14, Lenny Husen rated it it was ok. I think this is one of his later ones, and it was full of too-clever dialogue and not much action.

Of course, you need villains in a novel like this, and they are present here. The book just lacks the tension and punch of his other books.

Santorini by Alistair MacLean – FictionDB

No trivia or quizzes yet. But, its ti I recall reading a lot of MacLean’s books as a teenager. Jan 11, Christopher Taylor rated it liked it.

A slight spurt of action opens the novel as Cmdr. An excellent story, well written with MacLean’s typical crisp style with good English and vocabulary and no wasted words of philosophy or dogma. I could practically hear him allistair the lines.

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The final solution is quite final indeed. Works by Alistair MacLean. There then follows a whole bunch of talking, second guesses all of which seem to be right and a rather lacklustre finish. The book was a best seller. The reason for the towing? Rounding down because there is nothing to say to recommend this book.


Preview — Santorini by Alistair MacLean.

Books by Alistair MacLean. This article about a thriller novel of the s is a stub. Santorini Alistair MacLean Limited preview – Except that MacLean delivers every set-piece, every narrative development and every bit of characterisation such as it is as a series of conversations.

Oct 17, Robert Jenkins rated it liked it Shelves: This book took forever for me saantorini read because yet again, no first names were used, only ranks usually, so hard to figure out who was talking; and aoistair they did talk santoirni would go on for paragraphs repeating everything they had just said. I will say that I am glad that the book takes place where and when it does because now I alistsir only imagine how much worse it could be if something like this book actually happened and I do believe that it could.

I found this less effective than previous books by MacLean because he seems This is MacLean’s second to last novel, written late in his career. This naval adventure makes you hold your breath with a potential to blow up half the world. Fawcett Crest- Zlistair – pages. With potential saboteurs aboard, Commander Talbot and the crew maflean the Ariadne must raise the one activated weapon before it can allistair, setting off the others by sympathetic detonation and causing the nearby volcano of Santorini to explode in a tremendous eruption which would bring on a devastating tsunami and possibly a worldwide nuclear winter.

Santorini Alistair MacLean Snippet view – I will say that I am glad that the book takes place where and when it does because now I can only imagine how much worse it could I registered a book at BookCrossing. The ‘issue’ of the two high-ranking traitors is quickly and quietly resolved, without any fanfare. The story never takes off, the nail biting suspense, so much a hallmark of Alistair Maclean novels, is totally missing.


Routine patrols suddenly erupt into a storm of sudden danger when the Ariadne must retrieve atomic weaponry lost at sea during a jet crash!

The amount of dialogue could probably have been significantly reduced if many of the repetitive comments were to be removed, or restated so that reference is made to the prior conversation and then moving on from there, as very little ‘new’ information seemed to be added with subsequent conversations about the same material. There were some ‘odd jumps’ where the scenario would abruptly change between the RN vessel and the White House; that was a bit jarring.

View all 3 comments. Commander Talbot of the British spy ship, HMS Ariadne, must determine if the yacht’s survivors are responsible while trying to disarm and alistaif the weapons before the bomb explodes. Santorini was ok, but I got the distinct impression that someone else had written it, as the style was so different.


Predictably boring adventure on the seas, full of classic English stereotypical sailor characters and mediterranean baddies. Published by Fontana allstair published December Aware that it all seems Oct 08, Viz rated it liked it.

I’ve wanted to get back to Alistair MacLean for a number of years now and just haven’t done it. Account Options Sign in. And, folks, it almost broke me. A NATO surveillance ship crew witnesses an unidentified military-type plane crash into the sea close by, as a businessman’s yacht nearby catches on fire, requiring a rescue