User guide • Read online or download PDF • ALESIS QS7 User Manual • ALESIS Musical Instruments. QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QS7 Image Alesis MMT-8 Not Syncing Minimoog Properly Hi all read the manual about multitimbral but can’t seem to get it into action do I have to.

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Also, make sure the footswitch is not held down when powering up the QS. In addition, the parameters in most other functions will differ. The total number of data bytes sent manhal a single mix dump iswhich corresponds to bytes of mix data.

Editing Effects …and one regarding the Reverb function and Sends 2 through 4 If Configurations 1 or When set to OFF, the channel will not be sent to the outputs but can still feed an effect bus.

In other words, you can gate the effect of the Modulator so that it stops when you are not playing any notes. A Bank is a collection of Programs and Mixes. A delay of 4. Page 38 The Program is now stored. A Program is a stored configuration of parameters which emulates the sound of an instrument or sound effect, such as a piano or synthesizer or drum set. The selected Bank and Mix number location will appear in the display. All Trademarks are property of their respective companies.

It is very easy to loose this spring into the mechanism, where it could fall out at a later time and cause major damage to the electronics.

Master Controller For Live Aleeis This provides the same function as the sustain or damper pedal on a standard keyboard.

While in Effects Edit Mode, press the [40] button to select the Configuration function.


Alesis QS Service manual |

In addition, many 0. Chapter 2 Play Mode Program 10 in Preset 1 is different from Program 10 in Preset 3, although they are usually related sounds.

You can also create a split, where one Program is in the lower half of the keyboard, while another is at the top half; you can even have these Programs overlap in the middle. All modulators work in the same way, so only the pages of one will be described here.

The maximum delay time is milliseconds. Always unplug by firmly grasping the body of the plug and pulling directly outward. These Programs can be combined in many ways.

Alesis QS7 Reference Manual

Applying manuwl with this parameter set to a positive value raises the amplitude; conversely, applying aftertouch with a negative value will make the sound softer mamual harder you press. The level it reaches is set by the Sustain control; how long it takes to get there is set by the Decay control.

For example, the stereo delay effect has about twice as many parameters as the mono delay effect since the stereo delay has two adjustments- left and right – for several parameters.

This can be further enhanced in Mix Mode by using the Range function in Mix Edit Mode to cap-off the lower and high limits. In addition, the parameters in most other functions will differ. In answer to this need, Alesis designed the QS8 88 key, piano weighted keyboard.

Alesis QS7 user manual

Channel 1 pan Mix name digit 7 6 7 0 0 This is extreme, of course, but should tell you what you can expect when you really pile on the layers from the keyboard. Mix spare deleted parameter 1. Upon power-up, the QS will display the last selected Program or Mix.

Channel 9 parameters see above Portamento Rate 0 to 99 Page 9 Sets the glide duration. Finally the nuts are removed from the cliff jacks to release the PCB from the frame. The Mix is now stored. This eventual mixing is essential since the overall sound of the effect is achieved by the actual difference between the normal, uneffected signal and the effected signal. If looking through the Alesis QS7 user manual directly on this website is not alesks for you, there are two possible solutions:.


Mix name digit 7 aless This reverb type can easily simulate both examples and many, many more. When you start to setup a MIX, it may be confusing if many of the channels have their Keyboard parameter turned off.

Send 2 delay feedback The Program recalled will be the same number as the Program Change message that is received, from whichever bank Preset or User is currently selected.

It should be noted here that extreme caution is required when opening and closing the unit due to the delicate nature of the aftertouch cable s. The detuning is further effected by being modulated by an LFO which causes the detuning to vary. Send 1 ,anual low decay If the signal is taken from the Delay output, the Reverb will be delayed by the amount of delay time set for the Delay. Send 2 has no effects of its own, but can be routed to the same Reverb effect as send 1.

If the low limit is set above the high limit, you will be able to play this program layer at the lower and upper ends of the keyboard, but not in the middle between the tzvo limit settings.