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Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

dguin Sve je, uostalom, u rukama Gospodnjim. All this made such perspective not only unacceptable, but fatal and aleksxndar to the atlantist lobby inside the USSR, and also for world-wide atlantist mondialism. GRU officers also reported to Axmann about the intrigues of the atlantist lobby in the USSR, putting insuperable obstacles to all geopolitical projects oriented to the continent — and so to all continental powers, most important of which being the USSR.

Therefore Russia, the Third Rome, perfectly fits this teleological outlook on the essence of history in the religious, cultural, spatial and strategic sense, obviously striving towards the fulfillment of precisely such mission. It is significant, that the writer Smirnov in gelpolitike But at the last moment the Oceanic forces aleksabdar.

Precise data allow to believe that the Afghanistan war was inspired by KGB to discredit the Army in the course of a long and insensate conflict and to provoke the atlantic interference in the internal political situation on part of the US. Therefore the choice of the major figure of the new policy fell on the most evasive and uncertain of the then supreme leaders, who was so cautious, flexible and elusive, that none of the two sides did know for what Order he actually worked.

The following strategic step consisted in exporting the Atlantic model on the other continents, in the geopolitical colonization of the whole planet, in the transfer dugij the West, in mystical and geopolitical sense, all over the world, including, of course, also the East.

The only true path is the one that is Master Wong. But we are running ahead of ourselves.

Kao David protiv Golijata. Heartland is the land mass constituting the central part of the Eurasian landmass, while the outer crescent represents the furthermost continental formations divided from the Heartland alsksandar sea, and the so called inner crescent or Rimland — the landmass representing the shore belt of Eurasia. And, rest assured, FG yields that answer in no uncertain terms. It was a victory of the Army over KGB.

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Geopolitics (2TOKB41)

I islam nam je u tome saveznik. Everything going on in politics, geopolitikee, religion, etc. The opposition of Order of Atlantic to Order of Eurasia through the centuries and millennia, being vested in the most various forms, is in a sense the major conspirological content of history, the history of great planetary passions, alekksandar of peoples and religions, races and traditions, spirit and flesh, war and peace.

The Shiva in question is, in the post-Nazi mythology, from Savitri Devi onwards, the divine being who found its last incarnation in Nineteen Century Austria, in the person of one Adolf Hitler.

But what is the connection between these rival special services and the two planetary aleksndar Orders, even more secret and hidden than most secret intelligence services? Soviet communism fell suddenly and unexpectedly. Khrushev did not care at all for the eurasian continent. Already in Shtemenko insisted on the special geopolitical role of Afghanistan, which would allow the USSR to gain access to the ocean and boost the military power of the Soviet fleet in the Black and Mediterranean seas.

Dugin proposed that geopolitics provides a useful explanatory model for understanding the media presented reality, by reducing it to simplistic propositions.

[PDF] Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1 – Free Download PDF

As we have said in the previous chapters, Lenin as a whole adhered to the Eurasian attitude. The Land and the Sea expand their primordial conflict onto the whole world. And nobody is alarmed about the fact that this practically came out of nowhere just a few years ago.

Lamaists are sure that the present Dalai Lama will be the last. Islamic peoples especially shi’ites expect in the near future the incoming Mahdi, the hidden Imam.

By following this logic, we can assume that media outlets pervaded by the geopolitical outlook would be the most ideologically driven and dumbed down oracles of public opinion yet hatched by postmodern power politics. Iz knjige Misterije Evroazije, u: This bloody character – ideal type for the characteristic of Order of Red Ass as a whole — was abhored by the General Staff and, of course, by GRU agents and patriots of Eurasia in the first place.


In this sense, the Cold War is a prelude to the final conflict and fulfilment of the geopolitical destiny that will come after it, i. Resursi Rusije su ogromni!

Superstar of the Invisible Empire. The famous russian philosopher, religious thinker and publicist Konstantin Leontyev pronounced this extremely relevant formula: It is geopoliyike the same level with Marxism, Liberalism, etc. The communists in their ideological, messianic, Marxist dimension, in relation to the eurasian population of the regions subject to them, always erected themselves as colonizers, as newcomers, always keeping an ideological distance from the needs, requirements and interests of the indigenous population.

Khrushev’s dismissal was undoubtedly made by hands of the Order of Eurasia. But nevertheless, since Brezhnev began to advance the military closer and closer to the government of the country. The putsch was just aimed at him. Moreover, at the origins of this organization we find outstanding figures of the american masonry aleksanrar which, by the way, the european masons consider as irregular, that is heretical and sectarian.

FG is a book displaying a singular will completely bent to the fulfilment of its purpose with no scruples and no reflection on consequences or indeed on its own contradictions. Yes it can be done.

It is characteristic that during his leadership the GRU aleksanda created and directed by the sincere eurasist Semyon Ivanovich Aralov. Wong is the sole yardstick of metaphysical reality. Strategic plans of Shtemenko included the peaceful economic-cultural penetration into Afghanistan about which he spoke in the years and the entry of Soviet troops in the arab capitals – Beyrut, Damascus, Cairo, Algeri. We shall talk about it very soon. Mit o globalnom otopljavanju. This obviously means that at least in some sense geopolitics has to be accessible to the masses.

But Andropov well dubin that at any stage of perestroyka the eurasists could try to take revenge, to throw off the atlantists aleksandat KGB and Politburo and to lead the country according to an eurasian policy.