Talisa Patra (Abies Webbiana) known as Indian silver fir. Abies Webbiana is the scientific name of the talisa patra. It belongs to Pinaceae family. Pinaceae family . Abies webbiana is a coniferous, tall, evergreen tree, grows up to 60 m, with strong branches, stretched horizontally, with young buds covered with short br. Synonym. A. spectabilis (D. Don) Spach. Pinus webbiana Wall. Family. Pinaceae. Habitat. The Himalayas from Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of 1,–4, m.

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The flowers are monoecious, either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant. The powder was then passed through a mesh sieve and stored in a well closed vessel until use.

Anupama April 1, August 12, Therefore, in the present investigation a new aziridine alkaloid C-1, i. Abiesin, A biflavonoid of Abies webbiana.

Anxiolytic activity of Abies pindrow Royal leaves: The present paper therefore attempts to report the isolation and molecular characterization of a new alkaloid present in the leaf of A. Pharmacological activity of Abies pindrow. The decoctions of the leaves are useful orally in cases of cough, phthisis, asthma, chronic bronchitis and catarrh of the bladder and other pulmonary infections.

Webibana is given medicinal properties along with the meaning. It is a coniferous tree found in Himalayas at high altitude of feet.

In chronic asthma it reduces the frequency and severity of asthmatic attacks. Pharmacognostic studies on leaves of Abies webbiaan grown in Sikkim Himalayan region of India. The filtrate was concentrated and was successively extracted with chloroform. Webhiana serve as useful intermediates in synthesis of complex natural products as in the case of certain alkaloids, kainoids, mesembrine, platynesine, sphingosines, actinomycin, epicapreomycidine, feldamycin, etc.


Pinaceaegrown in Sikkim Himalayan region of India. The residue was subjected to silica gel column chromatography, eluted with a mobile phase of ethyl acetate: Externally the leaves are used in rheumatic and neuralgic pains. It is most common at higher range of Himalaya. Your email address will not be published. Aziridine alkaloids as potential therapeutic agents. Sodium sulfate treatment was performed to remove the traces of water from chloroform extract.

Talispatra (Abies webbiana) Health benefits – bimbima

It prefers moist soil and grow well in heavy clay soils. It has sweet, bitter and pungent taste and hot in potency.

All the chloroform layers were pooled together. The aziridine functionality is also present in a small number of naturally occurring molecules mainly from microbial and marine sources. Furthermore, leaves of the plant have been used traditionally for its chemotherapeutic efficacies in several ailments like rheumatism, hoarseness, chronic bronchitis and other pulmonary affections.

This is the first experimental report of the isolation of any alkaloid from A.

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The leaves can be used fresh, dried, as tincture, webbiqna or confection. Melting point was determined using a Sturat SMP heating stage microscope and was uncorrected.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Journal List Pharmacognosy Res v. Abies webbiana is a tall, evergreen fir tree with thick, spreading, horizontal branches. For therapeutic purpose the leaves of the tree are used. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.


Zwanenburg B, Thijs L. Antibacterial activity of Abies webbiana. Ghosh AK, Bhattacharya S. Compound 1 C-1 was isolated as white needle-like crystals and showed a positive response to different alkaloid reagents.

Talispatra, Abies Webbiana

It belongs to plant family Pinaceae. The aziridine alkaloid isolated in the present study may serve as an important source of drug prototypes and leads for drug discovery in due course. Mishri consist of big white, sweet lumps of crystals. Otherwise, there would be every chance of degradation of the compound by heat if it was tried to be isolated by application of heat like in continuous hot percolation by Soxhlet apparatus.

All solvents and reagents used were of analytical grade obtained from Merck. Fractions were monitored by thin layer chromatography TLC and the spots were visualized by spraying the TLC plates with Dragendorff’s reagent. They are mainly indicated in infections of upper and lower respiratory tract. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The alkaloid-enriched chloroform extract of the leaves of A. Antitussive activity of Abies webbiana Lindl.

Abies spectabilis – Wikipedia

The wealth of India, raw materials. The voucher specimen No. MS EI, 70 eV: Other column fractions did not yield any appreciable result.